Hello everyone.
My name is Robert Cameron and my life has certainly been an interesting journey so far. Born into a farming family at Wurdi Boluc, which is more of an area than a town, famous for the large Barwon Water Reservoir that supplies the South Western suburbs of Geelong. It was a wonderful childhood with so much fun and activity on limited resources, but a 365 acre playground.
I was one of 8 children and in the final year of primary school at the now defunct Wurdi Boluc Primary School, I was one of only eleven students with my two younger sisters. Secondary education was at Geelong Technical School and straight home into agricultural pursuits and then learned to shear sheep.
At the age of 30 I was introduced into amateur theatre and at 33 I was given an opportunity to work in sales. Both of these changes had a significant impact on my life, providing confidence and opening doors that I had never thought possible.


While living in Keith in South Australia in 2012 I answered an advertisement for volunteer presenters at a community radio station (5TCB) in nearby Bordertown, inheriting a Saturday morning sport show. That lead to calling local football matches on 5TCB and interviewing some very high profile sporting identities. Almost immediately, I became hooked on the medium and upon returning to Geelong in 2015, I was able to continue my passion at 94.7 The Pulse.
On the back of my football broadcasting experience, I have subsequently called VFL and VFLW matches on goFooty.Live and GDFL matches on The Pulse.
Additionally, I now co-host The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show with Neil Butler and host Sportsfix, both on Saturday mornings. Most recently, I have started hosting Rob Cameron’s Front Page on Monday and Tuesday mornings.
Interviewing people from all walks is my favourite part of the job.



While involved in cricket administration, I was given the opportunity to write articles for the local newspaper, detailing the weekend games on a voluntary basis. This gave me an enormous amount of experience and enjoyment which I continue to do now for the Geelong and District Football League (GDFNL) and the Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association (BPCA). I am also providing regular feature articles on sporting identities within the competitions.

My articles are published regularly through a variety of channels including the Geelong Advertiser, the GDFNL Football Record and the GDFNL and BPCA web sites.


Master of Ceremonies & Host

I have been given the opportunity to act as Master of Ceremonies at many sporting functions and presentation evenings, highlighted by six years at the Winchelsea Sportsperson of the Year and awards events for the Geelong and District Football Netball League and Geelong Cricket Club.


What people are saying

As I said earlier, interviewing people is the best part of my job - I really enjoy it. It seems, from these comments, that my guests enjoy it too! Here's the most recent piece of feedback from a guest but you can click on the READ MORE link below to see what others have said.
"Rob is a truth seeker and myth buster, calling out corruption and advocating for the common good. Respecting his audience, he avoids false balance and, instead, serves up valuable content that is evidenced based and helpful, getting people to think about their place in the world and how they can make a positive difference.  I love working with Rob and wish more mainstream media commentators and journalists were like him because people truly need and value effective, ethical journalism." - Sue Barrett - Ethical & Sustainable Business Growth Strategist.


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