While involved in cricket administration, I was given the opportunity to write articles for the local newspaper, detailing the weekend games on a voluntary basis. This gave me an enormous amount of experience and enjoyment which I continue to do now for the Geelong and District Football League (GDFNL) and the Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association (BPCA). I am also providing regular feature articles on sporting identities within these competitions.

My articles are published regularly through a variety of channels including the Geelong Advertiser, the GDFNL Football Record and the GDFNL and BPCA web sites and social media channels.

Geelong Advertiser

The Geelong Advertiser is a daily newspaper (currently part of News Corp Australia) and been in constant circulation since 1840. Known affectionately in the region as The Addy, the paper covers national and international stories through its co-ownership arrangements with the Melbourne Herald-Sun, while maintaining a ferocious loyalty to their readers in the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions of Victoria.

I write a weekly column that covers a combination of match reports and human interest stories, focusing on our local leagues and associations - primarily the Geelong & District Football Netball League and the Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association.

Visit the Geelong Advertiser web site.

Geelong & District Football Netball League (GDFNL)

As well as providing content to The Addy (see above), I am also the Media Officer for the GDFNL. As part of this role, I create and distribute media releases on behalf of the League and edit the GDFNL Football Record - a weekly program sold at matches each week, containing news items, previous results and current social activities for the clubs and the league itself.

As well, I provide content for our active social media channels throughout the season and during the off-season.

Visit the Geelong & District Football Netball League web site.

Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association (BPCA)

Likewise, I am the Media Officer for the BPCA. Throughout the cricket season, I produce content for The Addy (see above) plus the Association's social media channels. I also present news about the BPCA on my weekly radio program - Sportsfix.

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*Photo credit - Arj's Sporting Eye